Thursday, February 28, 2013

The 9 month (10 month) Check Up

Last month, just before Dylan turned 9 months old, I took him in for what I considered to be a high fever - 103. Apparently they don't worry until kids have a temperature of 105, but he was sick. So very sick, and I wanted to make sure we weren't dealing with the flu.

And so we discovered that our little Dylzie (as he's so affectionately referred to by his big brother) had an ear infection. Bring on the dreaded antibiotics. I hate antibiotics. They kill all the good stuff along with the bad stuff, which leaves a poor baby with a sore bottom. I learned quickly after Ethan's first experience with antibiotics that it's best to be proactive and start a probiotic ASAP. Lactinex granules to be exact. These little balls of good bacteria have proven to stave off the dreaded antibiotic diaper rash and I am a firm believer!

Because he would require a follow-up a month after the ear infection, we just decided to do the well-baby at the follow up appointment. So Tuesday, just over a week before Dylan turns 10 months old, we finally had his 9-month check up. The result?

Little guy that he is finally broke the 15 lb mark. That's right. My 10 month old just now hit the weight limit for his bassinet, which we long ago retired. He just now hit the weight requirement for his Boba carrier. He just now hit the weight limit for his bouncy seat. He's a little guy for sure.

He also hit all of his developmental milestones. He crawls, he climbs, he babbles, he points, he claps, he let's go of objects while standing. He's a mover and a busy body. He's perfect.

And he STILL has an ear infection. So back on antibiotics we go. And back on Lactinex we go. No one would ever know that he has an ear infection. Except his Momma who has been up with him several times at night for the past few nights. Ugh.

And that's the other thing. Given Dylan's unwillingness to choose food over being in the middle of everything, it looks like those night time feedings won't be going away any time soon. Getting the child to eat in the morning is futile. It doesn't matter where I take him, how dark the room is, or how hungry he might be. The simple truth is that when Dylan is up for the day, he's not interested in breaking his fast. He's interested in....everything else. The sound of the fan. The slats on his crib. The shape of his mother's face. It doesn't matter. He's not eating.

Apparently, he's content making the most of his waking hours and making up for those lost calories in the early morning hours. And because he's so little and because he's so sporadic about gaining and losing weight, this Momma is left with no option other than continue to meet his hunger needs in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

In unrelated news, I asked Ethan what animal he would be if he could be any animal in the world. He said quite adamantly, "I don't want to be an animal. I want to stay a human." I told him I'd be an owl. He thought for a few SECONDS and said, "I'd be T Rex. And T Rex eats owls, Mom." Hmm....wonder what I did to him!

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  1. Sorry about his ear infection. Sounds like it's hanging around like so many other colds this year. I know a lot of people who had to do a double dose of antibiotics. Hope he feels better soon. The thing I miss most about breast feeding were those middle of the night feedings. I know your exhausted but savor the momment.