Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sleep anyone? None for me. And Don't Use Love & Logic on Me, Son!

Three hours. I'm operating on three hours of unconsolidated sleep. Apparently there is only one person in our house capable of soothing our youngest. And her name is Mom. While I am ever so touched that he needs his Momma's touch to sooth his little heart, at 4:00 a.m., I could use a little relief. I could use a little SLEEP. But alas, it's not meant to be. Someday, I know, I will cherish how much that little guy loves me and needs me. And Lord knows that smile in the morning seems to make it all better, even if my eyes do feel like sandpaper!

I blame teething. I blame teething because his drool is out of control. I blame teething because he chews on everything in sight. I blame teething because it's only at night that he's inconsolable. But that does not mean I can see even one tiny tooth trying to poke through. Nothing. Nada. Zip. Damn teeth!

On to the oldest. So we've been doing to Love & Logic thing, which means giving lots of choices. Naturally, Ethan has picked up on this. So he says,

"I notice you like to listen to me, Mom."

And....the best yet, "Do you want to leave in 5 minutes or 4 minutes?"

Hmm....could he be "love and logicing" me?


  1. Ouch, lack of sleep is painful!

    Your kid is crazy smart, I keep hearing these things and I'm astounded. You're a great mother!

  2. I can honestly say "I feel you on the sleep". Chloe is still up every two hours, all night long, for the fourth night in a row. I thought we were down to only two wake ups after FOUR MONTHS but no like all things that phase is GONE.

    You my friend are supposed to be reporting that you are getting 8 hours a sleep so I have a little hope….

    Now on to Ethan - you have WAY more patience than I. I can already tell you (and I've only been a parent for five months) that's I'm going to be one of those DO AS I SAY, ask questions later parents. You know the kind of parent that say's "Because I said so" and "I'm the parent, that's why".

    Oh lord, I'm my mother.

  3. Sorry about the sleep, or lack of it! Gotta love Ethan's mind. He certainly figured you and the new plan out.