Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shine, Baby, Shine

In exactly two weeks, Dylan will be 9 months old. It seems rather unbelievable that my tiny little cherub is about to have a mere three months before his first birthday. How did this happen? How did he grow up so quickly?

Questions I'm sure I'll ask until I leave this world.

Nonetheless, here we are. And I haven't written often enough about him. I haven't devoted the same amount of words to him as I have to Ethan. I don't have time, and that's the curse of being the second child. But I need to at least try a little harder. For instance, I should be writing that 6 month letter to him in my own penmanship. Yes, I said SIX month. I'm a bit behind.

While I may want to turn back the hands of time just a bit, there are also some pretty wonderful things going on right now. His personality is really starting to take shape, but I only have a few moments left before I have to go pick up my firstborn, so here's the down and dirty:
  • He's going to be a climber. He can pull his little body up off the floor already.
  • He knows when he's doing something he shouldn't, and he gets this mischievous little look on his face as if he's really getting by with going in big brother's choking hazard of a room.
  • He gets MAD when you take things away or shut doors he thinks he should be able to go through. I mean throw himself on the floor mad. 
  • He laughs and smiles and still tries to eat our faces whenever he sees us. 
  • He grunts and babbles and coos. 
  • He crawls at a pretty nice clip and can open the pantry door....this is NOT good. 
  • He is starting to wave.
  • He claps...a little
  • He really doesn't like solid foods and could just as well do without. 
  • He pulls up and cruises and isn't afraid to let go, often catching himself before he falls.
  • He still wakes at least twice a night and sometimes more....and only eats at one wake up. Something has to be done about this one.
This little guy is a pleasure to be around.  Regardless of his sleeping habits, he's pretty damn amazing.


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  2. I love reading about how the boys are doing! And I'm disappointed that Chris and I didn't get to see you around Thanksgiving. But I got this nomination deal on my blog so I decided to pass it on to you. Details are here:

  3. Time is flying by. He sounds like he is really on the move now!