Monday, January 28, 2013

Liebster Award

So I have this wonderful niece over at A Method in the Madness that nominated me for an award. Thank you Ryanne.

11 Things About Me
  1. I am very particular about my hair. Not in the sense that I spend time actually making it look decent. More in the sense of...I want it to feel soft and smooth.
  2. In college, I was so shy that I cried before giving any speech. I'd leave the room and come back later to try again. I didn't overcome this problem until graduate school. 
  3. I read romance novels. It's true. Some people know that about me. A lot of people don't. I read them because they don't require thought. I can get lost in a love story and I don't have to think about anything else. 
  4. I technically have 8 brothers and sisters. I'm the oldest of them all. 
  5. I have the best workouts when I listen to Eminem. I can relate to the feeling poured through so many of his songs. More so than any other artist. 
  6. I want to finish my novel someday and become an accomplished and well-respected author. 
  7. I once hid a bottle of "Sex on the Beach" under my spare tire and drove through two states with it in the car. I was a teenager. My boyfriend's sister drank it before I got a single drink out of it. 
  8. I wish I had the dedication to play piano. I know the basics and can play a few things, but I wish I could devote more time to learning that art. 
  9. I envy some of my high school friends because they all stayed so close and I moved to another state before we were even out of high school. I'd love to have such a close connection like they have.
  10. I often think about my family and am saddened that I don't feel close to any of them. 
  11. I over think everything all the time. It's an obsession. 

Questions for me
  1. Why did you decide to start a blog?

    I started this blog shortly after I had Ethan. I wanted to document his growth and milestones, as well as my own emotions through it all. 
  2. How did you know that your spouse was THE ONE? (If single, what traits are you looking for in a future spouse?)

    I didn't for a while. We were friends. He fell in love with me. I was scared. Eventually, I realized that the thought of living without him was more terrifying that jumping in. That's the short version.

  3. Name the 3 most important people in your life. Why are they so important?

    My grandmother...even though she's gone, her influence is still felt.
    Both of my children. They give a new level of meaning to my life. They fill it with joy and have taught me things I never would have contemplated sometimes.
    My husband. He is my rock.
  4. How do your personal beliefs (social/religious/philosophical) differ from your upbringing now that you are an adult? How have they stayed the same?

    When I was younger, even through high school, I believed whole heartedly in God. While I do believe in God today, my vision of that is different, and I have come full circle in discovering my own way. Given my upbringing, my social and philosophical views are starkly different from those of my family members or social groups I was surrounded by as a child.

    In terms of staying the same, I think it's safe to say I've always held a strong moral compass. I think that I still do, even if others don't.  
  5. If you had a million dollars, how would you spend it?

    Sometimes, I play the lottery, so I've actually thought this one out. I would start with paying off my debts, naturally. I would create funds for my children for college. I would buy my mother a house and make sure she had the necessary care to keep her comfortable. And I would donate quite a bit to the foundation I'm involved with--The Doula Foundation--and to St. Jude's. I would create a scholarship for students at the school I work at, but I would have strings attached (I may have a bit of a vindictive streak). And I would work part time, so we could travel more. And may even homeschool the kids.

  6. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

    Ten years isn't very far away. Hopefully, I'm full-time faculty. Hopefully, my family still has it's health. Hopefully, my oldest, who will be a teenager won't be driving me crazy!

  7. What is one way you are seeking to improve yourself this year?

    Exercising. At least 5 days a week. It's good for the mind, body, and soul.

  8. What is the best book you have ever read?

    There are so many, I dare not say one!
  9. What song describes your mood today?

    I wish I knew. I'm not feeling very musical today.
  10. Do you have any pets?

    Yes. We have one cat.
  11. Do you have a bucket list?

    Not officially. But sort of. Mostly places I want to see. 
 I don't have a very large readership anymore. I'm going to skip the nomination section. :)


  1. That was fun. I like learning things about my friends although I won't remember what I read...
    LOL! I just did one of these on my For Your Tears blog. I love romance novels. I didn't know you had a cat and I love how you would spend your million dollars!

  2. Awesome post. I totally listen to E when I work out, or when I run rather. I love running to his beat and words. Pissed off running is the best. Anyway, when you mentioned your g-ma I remembered you telling me once that you have a bag of her clothes and open it every now and then. Last week my aunt gave me some little dresses that were in my grandmas cedar trunk. The smell brought tears to my eyes and I thought of you.

    Weird but true :o)