Monday, January 7, 2013

Fevers and Chattiness

So Dylan has had a fever since Friday evening. Poor guy ran 102.5 on Saturday. I took him in to get his little ears checked, but he didn't have an ear infection. And he didn't have strep. He just has a virus that has to run its course. This morning, he was fever free, but he stayed home anyway for the whole 24 hour wait thing required by daycare. I'm hoping he keeps it off.

In the mean time, I got to ride with Chatty Ethan this morning. I was terrified the morning was going to be awful because he was such a bear as soon as he got up, but I've been trying this love and logic thing, and it seemed to turn his sour mood around.

And so, here are some conversations had with Ethan this morning.....

"Mom, can I have a banana?"
"Yes! What a great idea!"
"Can I have an apple, too?"
"Um. Are you sure you need both?"
"Okay. Go ahead. Can you get in the car for me?"
"Yeah, but does a banana go all over your body? Through all your blood?"
"The nutrients sure do."
"All over?"
"All over your whole body."
"Even in your heart and lungs and ribs?"
"Well, yeah, I suppose your bones use the nutrients, too. So yes. Even to your heart, lungs and ribs."
"Oh. Well that's good!"
"Yes, it is."

Later in the car....Ethan chokes (not literally) on the apple.
"You okay back there?"
"Yeah, I'm okay. Are apples choking hazards?"
"Not really. But you can choke on anything you eat if you eat too fast or it just goes down wrong."
"Everybody can?"
"They can choke on anything?"
"Even trees?"
"Pst. Not trees! They can choke on anything they eat. We don't eat trees."
"But Beavers can choke on trees then."
"Yes, I suppose Beavers can choke on trees."

A minute later....
"I'm feeding my red blood cells good food, right?"
"My blood cells are happy, right?"
"Yes, your blood cells love it when you give them good nutritious things!"
"Yeah. They don't like chips, right?"
"So my body is happy, right?"
"Yes! And you'll have so much energy today because you're feeding your body good stuff!"
"Yeah, and I'll have energy all day long! Even tonight. I'll have energy before bed!"
"Yeah, and because you won't be tired and your body won't be all...'I'm so tired from all that junk food that I'm cranky' and we'll have a great night!"
"Yeah. It'll be good."
"Yep. Your brain will be all...'I'm so happy I got lots of sleep last night and great nutrients today. Yum!"
"Yeah, and I don't want fruit loops and big school. That's not real fruit!"
"No, it's not. And your fruit has natural sugar in it, so you still get to eat something sweet that's also good for you!"
"Yeah. My body likes natural sugar!"
"Yes, it does!"
"Mom? Can we get the human machine movie again?"
"I'll check the library."

So we're back to talking about the body. He hasn't talked about it in a while. It's funny to see him come back around. I thought we were leaving that behind! You just never know with Mr. Chats-a-lot!


  1. Glad the Dylan's fever is gone. Your conversations with Ethan are amazing.

  2. He is too cool!!! I hope Mr. Dylan really is better. These viruses are not my friend!